Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 29: Andy at the Park

This week Andy finally got to go to the park to play with some kids.  Remember when it was covered in snow?  Then he went back, but there was no one to play with.  This time we went down during Vacation Bible School (VBS).  The older kids were learning, while the younger ones enjoyed the playground equipment.  

This boy, Mr. John Deere (JD), really had fun playing with Andy.  Andy never had this much attention from our boys!!  JD knew I was working on my photo project.  I asked him what he thought Andy would like to do.  We started with the swing.

JD thought Andy would enjoy the digger.

It was a little tricky, but he got Andy to help!

Our God-daughter was there too.  She was too busy to play with Andy today!

JD went climbing with Andy.  I think the thing JD enjoyed the most was throwing Andy up in the air!  Andy usually landed "kursplat" in the sand, got brushed off and flew again.  I understand that JD had a good time too.  He told his Mom all about it when she got back.


  1. Well, Andy, the third time is the charm! Looks like you had quite a day skydiving and all.

  2. YAY for Andy having someone to play with at the park this time! Little JD sure looks like he was having a blast!! :)