Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 16/52: Summer Dreamin'

Here in north central North Dakota we have felt like we've had an unusually long winter.  We are used to having snow from October/November to April/May.  However, this year we have so much.   Hubby drove tractor across a field today and reported the snow to be about 2 foot deep.  The temps have been unusually cold as well.  Our average high for this time of year is about 58°F but we have had trouble hitting the mid 30's.  In fact, this past Saturday our area set a new record low temp.  The area had a temp of 13 breaking the former record low which was set in 1927.  It is difficult for the snow to melt with temps like this!

Everyone is sick and tired of this weather.  The forecast:  50% chance of snow on Wednesday!!  The good news is the weather folks are predicting near 60 for the weekend.  We will definitely see snow melting then.

Today Andy went to check out the park in town.  It was sad.  Here he is on a park bench dreaming of playing on the equipment.  He had to just dream about it because there was too much snow to get there.


  1. Oh dear, poor Andy. And nobody there to play with either. Rats! Tired of snow!

  2. Just wait Andy! Summer really WILL come, even to frozen North Dakota!