Friday, July 27, 2012

Nature Walk

My little photo group on Facebook , Fotos by Friends, had a theme of spiderwebs this week so it was time to go for a walk. (Heaven forbid I take photos of the webs in the house!!)

I found a couple of spiderwebs:

This is in the corner of a grain bin that two of my guys were emptying out,
so it had a bit of grain dust on it to help it show up nicely.

But while looking for other things to "shoot", I noticed some wild sunflowers.  As I got closer I noticed a honey bee on it.  The bonus:  a lacewing!

The bee about has it's Pollen Buckets full.

There are so many titles one could use for this one, but I will let you use your imagination! 
(Perhaps in the Comment section)

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

lots of different toys for my boys!

Christopher acquired parts of an old fertilizer plant in a nearby town.  Today was the day to do much of the dismantling of this set up.

The intention here is to get the cat walk and trough augers removed so another crew can come in to haul our four hopper bins to the feedlot.  Also, a mixer will come to our place then perhaps a custom feed mixing enterprise could begin.

C. contracted the crane, its operator and a rigger guy to work with my guys.  We rented a boom lift.  It was a "toy" for my guys to run!  However, most of my men are not real keen on height so it was a bit unnerving for them.

Christopher is terribly afraid of heights.  He told someone today, "Anything higher than a five gallon bucket is too high for me.".  So he watched from below.

He did have to take the boom lift up.  As the day progressed so did his courage (at least a little bit!).

Brett was up on the top most of the day.  Mark was too.

I left before they got done.  All we need now is the crew to haul the bins.  Well, them and all of the work to set everything back up on the feedlot!  And a mixer from Plaza, parts for the roller mill from Canada, the building to be built, and...

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

July farm update

It has been a while since I have posted anything here.  We have been busy.  The men are making hay, spraying crops and the never-ending checking cows & fixing fence.  I have been the go-fer and kept busy with book work. 

Mark & I took my parents and ran away to Fargo/Moorhead for one weekend.  We went to a most awesome wedding, reception & dance on the Saturday (Congrats Sonja & Brad) and to my great-niece's first birthday party on Sunday. 

I also got the chance to be  4-H aunt too!  Our boys were in 4-H for all of the 18 years they could be so it was fun, after a couple year break, to be a part of that again.  It was our county's Achievement Days so I helped Travis get his baking, and fresh flower & rhubarb picking taken care of.  Then off to the contest where I was a helper. 

We also hosted a memorial service for our cousin, Capt. Anne M. Rockeman Montgomery.  She was killed in a night practice session in a US Army helicopter last December in Washington state.  It was fantastic to see so many members of the Rockeman clan. 

Through in a trip to Bismarck for dear mother-in-law and it has been a very busy couple of weeks.   No photos to share at this time as I haven't even downloaded them!