Thursday, December 26, 2013

Week 52/52: Andy's finale

Well, this is the week I have been looking for!!  The last week of the Andy saga.  I never did find that little outfit that Mom sewed for Christopher.  I had hoped to have a photo of Christopher all grown up holding Andy and the matching outfit.  Oh well.  (Honestly, I did not look too hard for it either.)

What I did find was a photo of Christopher wearing the outfit while hanging out with some of his second cousins. 
Christopher is there in the front.  He was often seen sucking the two middle fingers of his right hand!
Just so you can see how much he's grown, this is Christopher today. 
Brett, Annette, Mark & Christopher 
(Members of NoDak Herefords)
As for Andy this week, he's going out as an angel - a snow angel that is!!
Thank you for following us in our 52 Week Photo Project.  I will see what next year brings as to whether I do something like this or not.
                                                             Annette & Andy

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Week 51/52: Andy visits the Nativity

I happen to collect nativity sets.  I have over 100 of them.  I selected this one for Andy's photo for a couple of reasons:  first, it is stuffed (just like Andy) and second, it also happens to be made by my Mom (just like Andy).

Andy felt quite lucky to get to hold the Christ Child.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Busy week of deliveries

It was a week of nice deliveries.  I don't mean Christmas gifts either!

Brett purchased a Peterbilt semi about 10 days ago.  He utilized on-line bidding. The auction was taking place in Fargo, ND during a nasty storm.  He purchased it on a Wednesday.  Mark & I were heading that way that weekend so we were able to bring it home to him.  He was pretty excited - until he started to really look it over!  There are just a few things that need repair. 

A couple of looks of the semi tractor.  The second one shows a smiling Brett!

Getting things hooked up.
Mark & I purchased a different loader tractor last week.  It was delivered here this week.
We purchased a New Holland T6050.  It isn't brand new so it is just 'new' to us. 
Mark is backing up to help pull the 'new' semi that spun on the snow until it was hooked up to a trailer.  It just needed some weight for traction!

Both of my guys were up at the feedlot when they needed the tractor,
so I was asked to drive it up north.  My first time driving it. 
So, our last 10 days
Wednesday of last week Brett bought semi. 
Thursday - Mark & I drove to Williston to look at this tractor. 
Friday - Mark & I drove to Fargo to try to get Brett's semi (it was too cold to get it started) so we drove to Valley City were we had meetings and a room to stay. 
Saturday - we drove back to Fargo, purchased some supplies and got the semi to start.  We came home.  Thus starting the deliveries!
Well, that is an update of our last couple of weeks.  I got a new camera last week and it was used to take these photos.  So far I like the Panasonic FZ200 camera too.

Weeks 49 & 50: Andy

Good thing there are only two more weeks left of this as I am slacking more all the time.

Here are my entries for Weeks 49 & 50:

Andy & Ann played Battleship. 
(Okay, really Mark & Brett did then I got to take the picture.  Brett won! 
 I think Ann was sitting by the winning board.)

Andy visited Santa & Mrs. Claus.  They even gave him a bag of candy/peanuts.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Andy - three late entries (46-48/52)

I am behind on my Andy entries.  You know, in the 52 Weeks Photography Project.

Andy traveled with me (& my new camera) on a road trip so here is what he was up to:

While in Valley City, Mark and I stayed at Three Oaks Guest Inn.  It is a lovely, older home along the river.  We did not spend much time there as we were busy with business, but it was nice.  Andy just HAD to try the banister before he could leave!

Andy & I stopped in Jamestown on our way home.  I took a couple of minutes at the World's Largest Buffalo monument.  This concrete bad boy is 26 feet tall and weighs 60 tons.  We didn't walk over there as the gates were to be locked in five minutes! 
Andy did want to 'drive' the stage coach though!
Then on to home.  Mark & I had been gone for a few days so it was nice to get back home.