Thursday, December 26, 2013

Week 52/52: Andy's finale

Well, this is the week I have been looking for!!  The last week of the Andy saga.  I never did find that little outfit that Mom sewed for Christopher.  I had hoped to have a photo of Christopher all grown up holding Andy and the matching outfit.  Oh well.  (Honestly, I did not look too hard for it either.)

What I did find was a photo of Christopher wearing the outfit while hanging out with some of his second cousins. 
Christopher is there in the front.  He was often seen sucking the two middle fingers of his right hand!
Just so you can see how much he's grown, this is Christopher today. 
Brett, Annette, Mark & Christopher 
(Members of NoDak Herefords)
As for Andy this week, he's going out as an angel - a snow angel that is!!
Thank you for following us in our 52 Week Photo Project.  I will see what next year brings as to whether I do something like this or not.
                                                             Annette & Andy


  1. Nice family photo, and I really like Snow Angel Andy!!

  2. Well, Merry Christmas, Andy. I hope you don't get flung in the closet and forgotten. I'm going to check on you from time to time but I know you are in good hands, so I'm sure we will see you up to something. Good to be an angel at the end.

    1. I think that Andy will have to give my duck a lesson or two so you will see him a little bit.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. I thought going out like an angel was appropriate.