Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 15/52: Wash day

The day that Andy & I have been worrying about finally arrived.  I was not sure how to go about washing Andy.  What if he "died" when I was only a third of the way done with my 52 week photo project?

I gathered up my courage, placed him in a pillow case and threw him in the laundry with some other items. 

(before the pillow case)

He appeared to come out of that okay.  I decided he could "hang dry" so I clipped him up on the line in the basement.  It would have been freeze drying had it been outside!


Andy is just fine and ready for more adventures!  I wonder what the next week will bring?

(A funny side note - mostly appreciated by those who know us - Brett read this story like it was a horror story - try it, it is funny!!)


  1. It does read well as a horror story! LOL!!
    I'm glad Andy didn't get freeze dried and that he's all purty and clean again! :)