Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week 30/52: Andy checking the canola

This week for my Andy photo-a-week topic he got to check the canola. 

Canola is one of the crops that we raise at NoDak Herefords.  The canola seed is a small, round, black seed.  Canola is related to mustard so the seeds are similar.  As you see in the photo, it has yellow blossoms.  The plants are blooming an especially long time this year.  The longer they bloom the more likely to have a more bountiful crop.  Canola likes the temperature to be a bit cooler than average (avg high this time of year is low 80's).  Our temps have been low to mid 70's.  So the canola and I are both happy!!  We sure hope for a great canola crop as we did not get all of our acres planted due to overly wet conditions.   After the plant is done blooming we will see long, skinny pods which is where the seeds are 'stored'. 
Canola is mainly used to make oil.  If you buy anything with canola oil it is possible that the canola came from our place!  It will be a while until harvesting this crop, after all it is still blooming.

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