Wednesday, July 10, 2013

An Andy Update (Weeks 25, 26 & 27)

YAAAAHH!!  We have passed the half way mark with the 52 week project.  Andy has been in quite a few photos already.  I have missed a few opportunities  (like the farm centennial celebration).  AND, I will need to keep coming up with new ideas as there are still 25 weeks left to do!!  Oh well, I signed on to this project because I thought it would be fun!

So, I have not posted all of my "entries" on the blog.  Here are the last three submissions:

25/52: Andy took time to smell the Lilacs 

26/52:  Andy seeing the challenges of operating a tractor and all of the controls that his farmer has to manage in order to plant the crop.

27/52:  This week Andy went on a little road trip with me.  We had to take a different route as there is water over so many roads in our area.  I (we) popped over a hill in the middle of nowhere (on a gravel road) and there was a stop light!!  The road construction crew must not have been able to hire anyone to flag for them so they are using this.  It made me laugh!  There is a US Air Force Security vehicle in front of me. 


  1. Nice to see Andy! I have been waaayy behind in my blog reading!
    I have heard about those temporary stop lights but haven't seen one in action yet.

    1. I had seen the temporary lights in town but not out in the "middle of nowhere" as this was!