Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 12/52: Raggedy Family Reunion?

This week's entry in Andy's life...

Andy is pictured here with a couple of friends/family.  The big Andy belonged to Mark (or his brother?).  Mark just had a birthday (50+) and received Raggedy Ann from his Mom. I think she thought Andy needed a little buddy and this was a good excuse to give it!!  The sizes are about right for Father, Mother & Andy.  The ages - well, maybe Grandpa and grand kids? 

Anyway, I just had to get a "family" photo!


  1. What a great family portrait! I love the big Andy, he was obviously VERY well loved! :)

  2. Yes I think the big Andy was carried around quite a bit. Our boys, who had the little Andy, did not care about having Andy so he rested when they were little. Now, I got a hold of him!