Thursday, March 1, 2012

Church Apple

I was waiting at the church last evening while two of my guys had choir practice.  There was a ceramic fruit book end on the bookcase nearby.  I looked up from my Sudoku puzzle book and noticed that the cross window was reflecting on the apple.  All I had was my phone.  The photo might not be quality, but I captured what I wanted!  We often see photos of apples with light reflection (like the one closer to the leaf here) but the cross reflection was striking to me. 

Ranch report:  Calving has slowed down for the time being.  We have only had one calf in the last 2 days.   It was born on my shift overnight.   I am sure I would have missed her as she laid in the straw so comfy looking.  Lucky for me Rufus (one of our dogs) scooted past her and she stood up.  Oops, there was a water bubble.  So, I let her be for about 1/2 an hour, then back out to check.  She was cleaning her BIG calf.  Brett helped me get the pair into the barn out of the weather.  We have a big sled that is designed to hold the calf (it is a larger, tougher version of a kid one).  We load the calf into the sled and pull it (just like you would for  your kids) to the barn.  Hopefully the mom will follow without a problem.  That is not always the case, but it was this time! 

It looks like the cattle that were A.I.ed (artificially inseminated) are almost done.  It will be a week or two and the rest of the herd (naturally bred) will start.  We will have about 250 calves when calving is done.


  1. My parents had registered Herefords from the early 1950's until my dad died (at age 65) in 1981. Then one brother tried to keep things going, but was unsuccessful. I'll never forget watching my mother when the cattle were sold at a dispersal sale. She's 91 now, with short-term memory loss, but she mentions the cattle now and then. ;-)

  2. I am sure they were a huge part of her life. (It's hard to forget those darn things!!)