Friday, March 2, 2012

Winter scenes of the ranch

NoDak Herefords - headquarters

Looking toward the yard.  You can see the barn, our shop and some grain bins.  Also, one of the hay bale locations (to the left).  There are some of our cattle in the corrals too.  You can see two of my guys doing chores too - one opening gates and one driving the tractor.  Oops, it looks like a couple of cows are out in the hay too.  Dang!  I took this today while it was snowing and blowing.

This would be some of our cattle.  We roll out the large bale of hay (actually a few of them) and the cattle just "dig in"!  Here you see that we have more than just Hereford cattle (which are red & white).  We also have black and black/white face  (Angus cross).   These are the moms-to-be.  The black cattle are bred Charolais (white cattle).  Their calves will be whitish.  The Herefords are either bred Hereford or Angus.  If they are bred Angus it is likely they will have a black/white face calf.  This was also taken today.   The white blob you see is a snow flake!

If you click on either of these photos you will be able to see it in a larger size.

Farmchicks Farm Photo Friday


  1. Hi! I'm Brenda from the photo challenge. I'm glad you put your link up so that I/we can stop in and visit, but we won't expect to find photos for the Challenge at your link until March 24th. I like to give everyone time to think about what they'll shoot. We will be pleased and grateful if you'll join us in the challenges. I will add your link to my blog as well because until I lost my husband suddenly last September, we were up to our ears in the farm life because he was a farm manager.

  2. Brrrr, so warm here in Iowa. I see a lot of the white faced over in NE.

  3. I just learned about cattle! You sure do have a pretty spread there!