Monday, February 27, 2012

First REAL snow of this Winter

We received about 8 inches of snow on Saturday night through Sunday.  It is VERY fluffy and will blow like crazy if we get a lot of wind.  It is no fun trying to walk through this stuff to check cows or move pairs up to the big barn.

This weather made a few more calves drop.  Sometimes pressure changes in the weather encourage labor (in cattle and people)!   Mark & I were up for three hours (3-6 AM) tending to new calves.  One little one only weighed 52 pounds (a nice average for a newborn calf is 75-80 lbs) so we put that one in the calf warmer for an hour.  Hopefully "we" don't loose any ears or tails with the cold weather.  We have about 36 calves running around now. 

This morning was the first trip to the vet.  A heifer was calving but one leg was down.  The guys tried to help put things in place but no luck.  She kept pushing til the head was coming.  So, there was a c-section with a dead calf.  Bummer.  But the heifer will be okay after she heals up.

Guys were busy moving snow today.  There should be lots of snow piles now.  I remember when the boys would look forward to that.  Now, they like to make them - not play in them!!

Another storm is brewing but it sounds like we should miss most of the snow.  We sure hope so!

We have a busy day tomorrow with appointments so the weather better hold out!!


  1. I love being a first follower! :-) Looking forward to hearing about life in North Dakota.

    1. Now here is an incentive to keep going! A follower, YAH!! Thank you.