Friday, February 24, 2012

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Here are a couple of sites from our roadtrip to Bismarck yesterday.  We have had basically no snow all winter.  Well it decided to snow and mess up the highways the night before we had to make this trip.  So, brave hubby came along - and drove for me!!  Anyway, the roads were not as bad as I expected but we enjoyed hubby's company!

St. A's Snowman

This is the snowman that staff members must have built outside of St. A's Emergency entrance in Bismarck. I got a chuckle out of him! He has on the hair "net", red votive candles for eyes, blue plastic gloves pulled over fly swatters, croc type shoes and the surgical mask. The nose is something orange (pen maybe?) that looks like a carrot. Oh, and a scarf.

Snowy Seaman

It is a large metal sculpture near Fort Mandan at Washburn, ND. Also there, in 12 foot tall metal sculpture form, are Lewis, Clark and an Indian. You can see the park bench in the background for something to try to judge his size. I think he is about 8 foot tall.

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