Saturday, January 5, 2013

Meet Andy

Sorry, I am not the best at keeping things updated and I won't promise to better in 2013! 

This is what happens after opening gifts

We had a nice Christmas with Mark's family.   Now it is time to get back to work (okay, my guys kept working - I was lazy).  The guys are busy hauling hay and more of that straw.  Luckily we currently are having nice weather. 

I have joined a Facebook page to encourage me to take at least one photo a week containing the same object.  I have decided to try this and will take Raggedy Andy along with me.

My Mom made Andy and a matching outfit for Christopher 20+ years ago.  Christopher did not have a great appreciation for the "doll", but I do!  So, we will see what kind of trouble and fun he can get into this year.  I know he is over 21 so he is legal!!

If you have some ideas  for Andy to take part in, please share them with me as I will need every bit of help I can get.  52 photos of Andy will be alot.  I am sure he will visit new calves, maybe the tractor, so I need 50 more ideas!!


  1. What a fun way to get 52 photos! I hope you are going to post them here! Let's see, he could help in the garden, climb a tree, go to town, go to church, I even saw where Beavie the beaver was helping to pump gas recently. :)

  2. Thank you for some fun ideas. I had not thought of them! I hope this will be fun. If it becomes a chore, then I won't keep doing it. I do hope to have Andy be a part of the blog. It will give me something to post!

    You are always a boost of encouragement and sunshine with your posts. I appreciate that. Have a wonderful 2013.

  3. are going to have to be creative...that's for sure!

    I am sorry I didn't see your message about your problem with loading pictures. I see you got it to work though!! It is still not working properly....frustrating!!

    Come on over and say hi!!

    1. I finally loaded the desired photos into my Picasa account and then had not trouble. Thank you for stopping by.