Saturday, December 22, 2012

A week of surprises in Arizona

My Dad just turned 85 years old.  It was time to give him a few surprises!! 

My eldest brother and some of his family flew to Apache Junction, AZ on Thursday, Dec. 13.  They had lined up a ride from the airport to Mom & Dad's winter home.  My niece knocked on the door and Grandpa could hardly believe his eyes!!  They took Mom & Dad on a couple of little tourist outings and returned to Minot on Sunday, the 16th. 

Mark & I, along with my sister and her daughter, boarded that same plane and headed to AZ.  Again, the granddaughter knocked on the door and surprised her grandparents!   Oh, it is so fun to pull off surprises like this!!  We were in Apache Junction for Dad's birthday on the 18th.  It was fun to celebrate with him and Mom and some of their friends.  We returned home on Thursday the 20th.

Dad & Mom

This niece is attending North Dakota State University (NDSU) majoring in Architecture.  We took time one morning to tour the Arizona home (Taliesin West) of Frank Lloyd Wright, a well known architect.  It was amazing to see the futuristic work of this man. 

(click on the photos to see them better)

Entrance to Taliesin West
entrance into the house (from the south)

looking northwest at the house

Metal Sculptures by Heloise Crista


  1. What a fun trip to see your Dad and Mom! :)
    I'm trying to remember if the weather was nice last week. You were about 100 miles from me! LOL!!

    1. The weather was nice by our standards! It was in the 50-60's. However, the day we left was the coldest day of the year there! It was only about 34 degrees at 7 AM and we had to park on the runway for a while for the frost to melt off of the plane so we could take off!!