Thursday, April 16, 2015

What does prayer look like?

This link was on my Facebook page a couple of days ago.  It was sent to me from Rethink Church which I follow hoping for fresh ideas for our newly formed church.  Along with the link was the following:

" Prayer isn't just spoken words. Sometimes it is done walking, as we take a stroll through our neighborhood and say prayers over our neighbors and the surrounding schools and organizations. Other times, it is with our hands, as we touch every piece of fabric and thread while constructing a quilt.

What does prayer look like for you?

Some folks have replied that prayer looks like knitting or quilting or with kits put together to help those who are struggling. Well, for me - tonight especially - prayer looks like a 'gazillion' stars and northern lights along with the scent of a bit of rain. It is the grass that just perked up from that rain, the fresh little calf with its proud mommy, or the happy dog running along side the four wheeler with me.

See, I had never thought about prayer looking like anything. It was quite simply a quiet time to visit with our Lord to share my thanks and concerns. I did not think about it being prayer when I stopped 'to smell the roses'. You know, enjoy the smell of the rain or the freshly turned soil. OR, taking time to observe the birds on the water or the beaver swimming in the dam. That was just appreciating nature, well, know I will think of it as prayer.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Feeding Time

We are about 1/3 done with calving.  We run just over 300 females, so have about 100 calves running around.  We have had 3 sets of twins.  They add extra work because we need to make sure both calves are getting to eat enough, make sure the cow has enough milk for both calves, and that she loves both calves.

The first set are still together with their mom.   The second set was born to a heifer (first calving).   It is hard on the cow feeding two calves so Brett fed them some milk replacer to supplement the cow's milk.  We then had a cow who's calf died so we moved one of these twins onto that cow.  Lucky for everyone, that foster project was successful.

Just a couple of days ago, Christopher took a cow to the veterinarian as she was having trouble calving.   It turned out that her calf was breech.  The vet got it turned around and delivered - only to find a second calf in there!!   Thus, our third set of twins.  This set is unusual as one is black with white face and the other is red with a white face.  This cow is a black white face (happens to be Black Angus / Hereford cross).  She was bred by an Akaushi bull.  This breed has both the black and the red trait.   So, obviously, this is how one cow had calves of each color.  They are all doing fine.

Just when Brett thought he might be done bottle feeding, he found an orphan calf.  We cannot find who the mom is.  The guys walked around the herd with no luck.  We finally decided it must be a twin and the cow just walked away from it with her other calf.  However, when you have 5-10 calves born in one day it is difficult to figure out the mom.   So, Brett has a new bottle calf.  Here is the little sweetie.

When Brett is going into the barn, this little guy starts moo-ing for his bottle!  It is so excited that it doesn't even want to quit sucking to breath!!  

Here Brett is feeding his little buddy.  The calf drinks so fast that some of the milk runs out.   Fluffy, the cat, has figured this out so is always nearby for a little snack!