Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2 and everything is WET

Last evening a neighbor called sharing concern about the township roads.  Mark is on the township board so he is one to call.  Anyway, we visited a little and he told me that some of the roads in nearby townships have water going over them.   Well, it has been wet and just Thursday and Friday we did get 3.5 inches of rain so I went for a drive after mowing the lawns this afternoon.

About 1/2 mile south of us the water is just starting to go over the road.

The two puddles on the edge of the road are where the water is starting to go over the road.  Something very interesting to me in this photo are the objects that are white and look like flowing gauze.  They are actually spider webs!  They are all the way along the road/water here.  I have never seen such a thing before.  They did just flow in the breeze and were quite large.  The spiders were pretty small.
Here is a closer look at the webs (as they are wrapped around a twig):
Back to the water...  This is at the neighbors looking toward the Wilcox trees.  This is the third time this year that this trail has flooded.  We were able to use it (with 4X4 only) to get to our field west here; however, no machinery could have used it.  Now, it is flooded again.  UGH!
Then I went to some of our land that we call the Hammond Place.  (I think all farmers have names for their land - usually named after prior owners.)  I found more water over the road.  I parked my vehicle and walked toward it.  I did not know if a jet was flying over or if the water was roaring.  It was indeed the water!   The water was coming through the culvert so fast that it was foaming!  You can see it was not a long fall for the water but it sure had the sound of an awesome waterfall.

For some of the family:  this is the big slough in the SW corner of the former CRP  (looking toward David Schwede's former place). 
It has run over and joined up with all of the other Hammond Sloughs'.  (The only way I'd get a photo of that is if I was in a plane.)  Here is where it is coming to the road.  It goes over the road just to the right of the photo.
(This is especially for you Ken!)
Planting came to a halt for us early Thursday morning.  The rain started and did not stop until Friday afternoon totalling about 3.5 inches.  We are about 2/3 done with getting our crop in.  Sadly, there is a very good chance of rain for Monday-Thursday this week.  We will see what happens but it could mean that we will not get any more seeded.


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