Saturday, May 4, 2013

A day of sunshine and repairs

Our weather is finally getting better.  Today the temp was near 60 and the sun was shining nice & bright. 

This morning I took a 4 wheeler ride out among some of our cattle.  Mark had rolled out a big bale of hay.  This photo shows the calves even have an interest in hay - except for those looking at the dogs!

This afternoon I helped Mark & Brett "play" mechanic. 

Mark was UNDER a pickup changing oil.  I didn't help with that in fact I was probably more of an annoyance to the guys!

Brett was UNDER his high wheel sprayer.  He had to get the hydraulic wheel motors repaired.  Here he is hooking up the hydraulic lines.  I did help with this project.  The guys did the heavy lifting and I put the bolts in place when things were lined up.  This sprayer sits up so high & wide that we are sure someone could drive a small sports car under it!  This is the first project of many to get machinery ready for the spring planting season.
We had to JUMP  the batteries to get the swather started (moved) so we could get the sprayer out of the machine shed.  Well, technically we charged the battery but I need a photo of jump and this was as close to a 'jump start' as I got this week.
We need to hope the sun keeps shining so we can get the air seeder out of the snowbank/mud and get that ready too.  Planting will begin before we know it!!
As you may have noticed the words UNDER and JUMP have links.  They are both parts of a couple of photography groups that I am in.  Under is for the Saturday Photo Hunt.  Jump is for Fotos by Friends.  One of the main reasons I started this blog was so I'd have a place to post photos that I wanted to enter in various photo challenges/contests.  Andy is a part of a weekly challenge plus the two I mentioned here.  There are others too that I sometimes participate in.  I just enjoy the challenge of finding a photo to fit the various topics!

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  1. You did good with the photo prompts! Glad ya'll are having some better weather. :)