Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 6/52: Andy the office helper

I have been busy in the office lately.  I don't necessarily leave book work until the last minute (okay, maybe sometimes) but there is extra that needs to be done when a year is over.  We need to get numbers calculated for three different people (banker, tax man and Adult Farm Management advisor).  They all use the same numbers from our accounting but they like them arranged differently - so I keep adding the same numbers, get different totals and record them for each entity.  I also need to make sure all of the inventory data is up-to-date and the crop and livestock information is all accurate.   Andy thought he could be of some assistance.  He was moral support more than anything! 

I caught him wanting to run the calculator ...

I think I have the 2012 book work all done.  Today I started on the 2013 books - only 1.5 months behind on entering the accounting data!  

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