Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oreo Generation

We've heard the phrase "the Sandwich Generation", well Jeff Foxworthy calls it the "Oreo Generation" and I think that sounds better!  Mark & I had the pleasure of attending one of Foxworthy's shows at the Norsk Høstfest in Minot.  We laughed the entire time.  It was great therapy for two tired farmer/ranchers!

Jeff Foxworthy

So, the "Oreo Generation"...  that's us.  We are the creme filling - occasionally it is Double Stuffed!  Our kids are one cookie and our parents are the other. 

Our boys are in their 20's so we don't have to do much for them.  My parents live 60 miles away so I don't help them too often.  We live on the same farm as my mother-in-law.  She rarely requests our help; however, since being hit with Rheumatoid Arthritis she has needed some.  Plus, her knees are shot.  She just had a complete knee replacement so Mark & I spent a few days staying with her to help out.  She was not allowed to drive for a while so I was her chaufer to doctor appointments, therapy, etc.  If you have never met my mil, she is a WONDERUL woman.  It has been fun spending extra time with her.

I did have the pleasure of helping my parents a couple of times this week.  I picked them up and we went to Bismarck.  It was a nice drive on a rainy day (much needed rain).  They know I am just a phone call (and 1 hour) away.  I have driven to Minot to meet them for dinner or go to the doctor with them.  I think my parents are awesome and do enjoy spending time with them too.  My Dad will be 85 in December and is in fairly good health.

Our two mom's have known each other since college.  They were supposed to be college roommates. No, they did not introduce us.  But they were pleasantly surprised to end up renewing that friendship after so many years - thanks to their kids!

I guess this ended up being a little more like a "get to know us" type story, but at least I got to write about Oreos!!

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