Saturday, September 8, 2012

The tale of six big pigs

We had some visitors while working on the combine today.  I thought you might get a chuckle out of them too.

Mark & Brett are busy working when the pigs show up.  I was helping too but just had to get the camera out and take some photos!  Christopher has six pigs who live on this old farmstead that we own.  They got tired of their barn and broke out a few weeks ago.  Christopher knew they would not go too far as they liked the feed and water in their barn.  So, they are "free range pigs"!!  One afternoon Christopher received a phone call from a neighbor who had to come through the yard to get to his hay field.  The pigs decided to follow him around while he cut his hay so C. had to go get them (and they don't chase that well)!! 
At least we learned that they are people friendly.

They are also curious.  Here one is tasting the scoop shovel.
But the guys needed as little break so had to give Wilbur some attention.
They are eating the canola off of the combine header.

Just hanging out with us.

Wilbur really loves attention!!
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  1. That is soooo funny! They are like big dogs! :)

    1. They sure are. They also rub against your leg like a cat. I don't know where they learned all of these tricks as they live in the middle of nowhere, with nobody!! We will miss them as they head to the butcher tomorrow.