Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring seeding

We are at the half way mark with seeding/planting here.  Brett does the seeding.  He has all of our canola and barley done.  He started the wheat today.  He has also fertilized the corn ground.  We still have all of our wheat (& possibly flax) to seed.  Also, we have corn to plant.

Here the guys are filling the air seeder cart with barley seed (one is watching the grain cart and one is on the ground to shut things down when it is full).  The semi has the barley seed which is augered up into the cart (yellow thing).  This cart has two compartments - one for seed and one for dry fertilizer.  The white tank here has Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3).  NH3 is nitrogen (fertilizer) for the soil .  I take these tanks into town to have them filled many times a season!  The John Deere (green) tractor runs the jump auger.  We use the jump auger to move the grain from the semi trailer to the auger that fills the grain cart. 

Brett is turning on the NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia) tank as he prepares to start seeding.

Here he goes!  The implement in front of the grain cart is the part that actually puts the seed and fertilizer into the ground.  There are many hoses and tubes used to move the seed & fert to their proper locations in the soil.  We have had our soil tested so we know how much dry fertilizer and NH3 to add to it so it should be able to produce the best crop yield possible.

The above photos were taken a few days ago.  I just have not had time to post until this evening.  Here is why I now have time:

This evening around 6 pm the rain started.  Around 6:30 it started to hail.  Here is a sampling of what we got.  There is a teaspoon there to help see the size of the hail.  This could wreck havoc with the crops that  have started to grow.  We don't think it will hurt any of our crops, but our neighbors have some really nice winter wheat that could be damaged.   We also received a little over 1 inch of rain in about 1 hour.  So, we will not be in the field for a few days.  However, our neighbors who live about 2 miles south of us only got .25 inch of rain.  So, we hope we can seed our land near their place quicker than the stuff here at home.

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  1. I noticed a non-safe photo here, but a neighbor called to point it out as well. So, I will use this as a chance to educate all about the photo where Brett is turning on the NH3. Brett should be wearing safety gear (goggles, gloves). Said neighbor was burned on his chest once from just a little bit of NH3. He had shut off all hoses and thought they were drained. Well, when he disconnected the hose, he was splashed with product and got a burn about the size of a soup can on his chest. The chemical burned through three layers of clothes to do this. This was a good reminder of using our safety gear. Thank you for the reminder Roger. Brett has now heard a talk to remind him to wear the safety gear.

  2. Interesting post, I love hearing about "real" farming! Nice reminder about safety too.

  3. very nice post good to see and teach also.

  4. when we use NH3 the guys all wear safety gear too....too easy to have an accident.

    Our air-seeder has the cart-behind too...but ours is all GREEN! We will be planting milo and sesame soon.

  5. Thank you for stopping by to visit. Saska: our old cart was green (Concord). I will have to visit your site to see where you are and learn more. I know about milo but not sesame.