Thursday, January 30, 2014

Week 3: 52 weeks of Genealogy

Week 3:  All about your parents:

Dad & Mom  (taken Oct, 2013)
Wayne C. HANSEN was born in 1927 on the family farm south of Ryder, North Dakota. Carol J. ANDERSON was born in 1938 in Minot, North Dakota.  They married in 1961 in Ryder, ND. 

Mom & Dad farmed and ranched together all of their married life.   Well, until they retired a few years ago.  Dad still likes to help my brothers whenever possible but they are not letting him do as much as he'd like (safety reasons). 

Mom & Dad were on a bowling team when the kids were young.  They also enjoyed playing whist (card game) every Sunday night with the neighbors at the old school house down the road.  All six of us belonged to a local Square Dance Club and did some of that on weekends too. 

Mom used to sew clothes for us kids - especially for the girls.  She sewed matching square dance clothes for our family of six.  We were the talk of the dance in those outfits!  She has done a lot of quilting in her retired years.  Dad will help with quilting projects sometimes too!

Mom & Dad have enjoyed spending many winters in Apache Junction, AZ.  There they enjoy making new friends, visiting and playing games.  Mom has done a lot of quilting with the quilting group down there.  Dad plays Shuffle board many weekday mornings.

Though age is showing, Mom & Dad are doing pretty well.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 3/52: Quacker meets Andy

Some of our followers wondered if they would ever see Andy again.   (For those of you new to me:  Andy was the subject of my 52 Week Photography Project in 2013)

This week Andy wanted to share a little advice with Quacker.

I sure hope he only shared the fun stuff!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sunny Saturday

I went for a walk on Saturday to enjoy the beautiful spring-like weather we were having.  I snapped a couple of photos to share with you.

All three dogs walked with me.  These two belong to Christopher & Paige.  They are named Odie (white one) and Eli.  This stick was so big it took both dogs to carry it I guess!  Our dog, Rufus, was a bit camera shy. 
The cattle are enjoying the nice day.  We are lucky to have this coulee to feed them in as it provides a lot of protection from the wind.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 1/52 and Week 2/52: 52 Weeks of Genealogy

I just learned of this genealogy (family history) game.  Since I enjoy working our genealogy, I thought it would be fun to participate.

Week 1 - How Did You Get Your Name?  I am named after my maternal grandmother (my mom's mom).  Her name was Annette Marie and so is mine.  Grandma was born in Norway in 1904.   I believe that this is part of the old naming tradition in Norway (not that my family had been following that tradition).

This is my high school graduation day with my grandparents
including the grandmother I'm named after.

Week 2 - What Toys Did You Play With?  I don't remember really having any favorite toy.  I did NOT like dolls!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 2/52: National Rubber Ducky Day

Yes, it is true, there is a
National Rubber Duck Day! 
Quacker is celebrating

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 1/52: Meet my new object of the week

Andy retired after a whole year of being photographed.  I am going to do the 52 Week Photography Project again this year.  I decided to use this as my object for 2014. 

A purple rubber duck with pink beak.  My problem?  This thing needs a name!!   I've had a few ideas shared with me but would sure like to know what your idea(s) might be.  Also, any ideas for photos for the year?

I will announce the name next week when I post.